Get to know our experts

Targe has one of the most talented
teams of experts and instructors
Get in touch with them today!

Get to know our experts

Targe has one of the most talented teams of experts and instructors in the industry. Get in touch with them today!

Our risk management experts

Michel Pérusse

Risk management expert

Michel Pérusse is a key Targe partner with over 30 years experience in occupational health and safety. A respected name in the field, Michel is a teacher, speaker, and author and has his own unique way of handling current OHS challenges. Michel has worked with thousands of managers to promote a culture of workplace safety and is pursuing his mission at Targe by developing exclusive content to help managers make informed decisions about risk management.

Martin Ruel, MBA

Vice President and Cofounder

Martin Ruel devotes most of his time to business development in Quebec and abroad. Between 2009 and 2012, Martin spearheaded efforts to grow Targe’s global operations by expanding to Asia. He founded the CERM division (Canadian Emergency and Risk Management) in the Philippines, the largest training centre in Southeast Asia. Martin has also put his risk management skills to work on a number of large-scale projects. His integrated vision of safety and risk management is the driving force behind Targe’s ongoing growth and development.


President and Cofounder

Bernard Bélair’s mission is to ensure Targe’s vision and values are shared throughout the organization and communicated to customers. As the custodian of Targe’s corporate culture, Bernard is the backbone of the company and an inspiring leader. Since 1997, he has been overseeing commercial and operational activities in the aim of helping to protect industries and sharing Targe’s expertise.

Pierre Pilon, MEnv, BEd, BSc

Director of International Expertise and Training

Pierre Pilon is an expert in industrial risk management and an instructor specialized in emergency response. He is a key member of the Targe team. With over 15 years experience at Targe, Pierre has honed his skills and developed a 360º approach to risk management. Pierre is without a doubt one of the most qualified experts in the country. His knack for analysis and his dedication to improving the safety of his customers makes him a committed, results-driven partner.



Tactical Team Manager

Mathieu Monette has years of team management experience and hundreds of interventions under his belt. As head of our tactical teams for over ten years now, Mathieu’s mission is to make sure all interventions run smoothly in order to optimize customer protection and safety. Mathieu leads Targe’s tactical teams with diligence, professionalism, and flair.

Our Team

Karolanne Cléroux

Marketing Director

My mission: Promote Targe’s expertise and educate managers about the importance of risk management for protecting lives, property, and the environment.

Catherine Lafrenière

Customer Service Advisor

My mission: Provide a top-notch customer experience by offering a range of services adapted to each company’s needs with a view to managing risks and protecting lives, property, and the environment.

Kim Courcelle

Tactical Team Coordinator

My mission: Coordinate our tactical teams and help meet their needs to ensure our outsourcing department provides excellent service.

Sébastien Lizotte

Chief Operations




My mission: Share my experience and knowledge of fire safety to help protect lives, property, and the environment.


Chief Accountant

My mission: Keep company operations in line with Targe’s financial policy and contribute to the company’s development.

Julie Saint-Pierre

Accounting Assistant

My mission: Track accounts receivable and follow up in a courteous and pleasant manner to ensure sound financial management.

Claudine Ducharme

Administrative Assistant

My mission: Plan, coordinate, and create documents required for company operations in order to provide excellent service.

Our experts share their knowledge on outsourcing and risk management.