Ensure your safety and compliance while working at heights

Ensure your safety and compliance while working at heights

Working at heights is the leading cause of worksite accidents in Quebec

A number of laws and standards have been put in place to protect workers from the potentially fatal dangers associated with working at heights. These regulations include safety risk analysis, required equipment, and a rescue plan for suspension trauma that must be conducted in 15 minutes or less.

  • Risk analysis
  • Work plan development
  • Rescue plan development
  • Testing and approval of rescue plans
  • Equipment inspection and recommendations
Working at heights management program objectives
  • Identify all at-risk workplaces and put prevention measures in place
  • Ensure worker safety onsite
  • Put a safe work protocol in place for projects that require working at heights
  • Create efficient rescue procedures in case of emergency
  • Coordinate the necessary resources (human and material) associated with managing your work at heights
Targe’s commitment to you
  • Give control to managers in order to create a proactive prevention environment and facilitate sound management of the risks associated with working at heights

  • Guide managers through the steps for managing confined spaces (from analysis to rescue plan testing)

  • Propose effective on-the-ground response methods

  • Build a file that covers all aspects of managing work at heights

  • Provide customized training services that complement your risk management program

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Working at heights

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