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People are at the core of our business model. Contribute to our mission and you too can become a partner for companies that strive towards excellence in emergency management. Building a career at Targe means investing in a company that prioritizes keeping people safe. It also means working in a positive, exciting, and proactive environment.


The Targe Ecosystem


All members of our team share the same vision: becoming the global leader in emergency management. With this goal in mind, Targe has experienced and continues to experience strong growth in Quebec and around the world. We like to surround ourselves with visionary, bright, and optimistic employees. The Targe team is focused on ensuring safety for workers and communities. We are always looking for new solutions to improve our practices and to optimize how we protect lives, property and the environment.


Our team believes that everyone should be happy at work and have the opportunity to harness their full potential. At Targe, hierarchy is not our priority. Instead, we believe the best idea should prevail. Agency for every individual is a defining characteristic of our corporate culture. We prioritize collaboration and teamwork. Our corporate mission is serious, but the atmosphere is not. Our work environment is friendly and relaxed. Whether it is during meetings or at lunchtime, there’s always time for a good joke. At Targe, laughter is contagious—spend some time in our office and you’ll understand.

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