Emergency Response Coordinator & Consultant

Leverage our Unique Expertise in Emergency Response Management

Targe is the partner for companies facing significant workplace health and safety hazards. We can fully or partially take over your operations surrounding emergency response management. Delegate risk management to our specialized multidisciplinary team and focus on your value-added operations. Whether you require assistance for temporary, permanent, or one-time requests, Targe is here to help.


  • Emergency response consultant
  • Emergency response coordinator
  • Emergency superintendant
  • Expatriate personnel deployed for spontaneous contracts
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Ensure legal and regulatory compliance by delegating emergency response management to our specialized team.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Emergency Measures

  • Cut down on costs related to employment and employee training.
  • Focus on work that brings in high added value for your organization
  • Access our unique expertise in emergency response management.
  • Partner with a company that specializes in both theoretical knowledge and on-site deployment.
  • Transfer accountability for emergency response management and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.
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Benefits of outsourcing


Positive Effects on Employee Satisfaction

Our rescue teams promote a healthy and safe work environment. Employees feel more confident when carrying out their work and therefore can be even more efficient!


Turnkey Service

By working with our rescue teams, you no longer need to train your employees in confined space rescue and purchase required rescue equipment, which can be expensive.


Legal Compliance

We take on responsibility for emergency response management: prevention, recommendations, evaluating rescue and response plans. We make sure to help people in distress as soon as possible.


Peace of Mind

Our team will advise and support you throughout your construction project. You can count on a reliable, proactive, and flexible crew. Focus on your operations, knowing that your team is safe and in good hands.

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