Responder rental service

For your permanent, short-notice, and emergency needs.

qualified rescuers

hours of surveillance
and rescue

years of experience

Are you ready to respond?

Our tactical teams put their skills to work in Quebec and abroad to help keep you safe. Our watchwords are speed, precision, and leadership.


Our outsourcing department will handle your responses to emergencies and situations involving occasional or ongoing risks.

The benefits of choosing a Targe tactical team

Highly qualified responders

All of our rescuers have, at a minimum, a DEP in fire security, 40 hours of training as a rescue technician, and training for first aid/response management. They also receive ongoing professional development and annual evaluations.

Compliant life-saving equipment

Targe has all the equipment you need to complete a successful rescue. Our team of auditors conducts an inspection after each response operation to verify the quality and compliance of our equipment.

Peace of mind

Our responders are fully accountable for your rescue. All the necessary steps are completed by our team, from evaluating the response plan to the rescue itself. Enjoy expert turnkey service that allows you to focus on your business. 

Our experts share their knowledge on outsourcing and risk management.

Safely managed from A to Z

Because your interventions deserve the very best.