Outsourcing personnel


Targe brings you an integrated service, providing expertise, training, and outsourcing of skilled labour specializing in emergency response. Our team members are carefully selected and trained to address the specific risks related to your business. Whether you have spontaneous needs or require support over an extended period of time, our team can assist you with various specialties: rescue at heights, rescue in confined spaces, water rescue, emergency response, consulting services for emergency response management, etc. Our responders are deployed in Quebec and internationally to ensure the safety of our partners.

For emergency response management, turn to qualified professionals so you can focus on the heart of your business.

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An international presence

Our teams are deployed internationally and ensure consistency across your operating sites. Wherever you may be located, you can rely on an experienced team and benefit from Targe’s professional international network


Highly qualified responders

Targe recruits and trains professionals specializing in emergency response management. Make sure you have the skills and expertise that you need on the ground. Put your trust in our highly qualified responders.


Turnkey service

Our outsourcing service can also cover all material resources required for an emergency response. Make sure you hire a team that has the skills, equipment, training, and upgrades needed to deal with your hazards.

Outsourcing Personnel

There are several risks associated with work in confined spaces: air quality, entrapment, electrocution, burial, extreme temperatures, etc. As a manager, you must ensure that a qualified team will be able to perform a rescue if there is an incident. Hiring a Targe team will ensure that you comply with Quebec laws and standards, while focusing on your day-to-day operations. If you are looking to hire a team to safely take on confined space entry, contact our experts.

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