Our Expertise

At Targe, we provide an integrated service that includes expertise, training, and outsourcing of skilled labour specialized in emergency response. Our expertise covers all aspects of major industrial risk management, from planning to on-site deployment. More specifically, we step in where there are hazards that threaten life, property, and the environment. Our team has carried out hundreds of expert projects around the world: vulnerability analyses, fire safety plans, emergency response plans, specific response plans, environmental emergency plans, confined space rescue plans, work-at-height rescue plans, etc. When it comes to managing industrial hazards, our team has a unique and integrated approach. Our priority is to protect companies by offering them high-level expertise that reflects the reality experienced on the ground.

Targe brings a professional approach to emergency response management.

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Exercise Due Diligence

Practising due diligence means doing everything in your power to prevent accidents. To help complete your projects, Targe is committed to a rigorous approach based on current laws and international standards. Put your trust in a partner who has recognized experience and who can ensure your legal and regulatory compliance.


Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Major insurance companies recommend our services to their clients! Submitting a complete risk analysis along with a prevention and mitigation plan can significantly lower your insurance premium. It pays off to invest in prevention!


Minimize Potential Damage

Ultimately, our expertise helps protect your assets and increase your resilience in the event of an accident. The goal is to ensure optimal protection for your fixed assets, your personnel, and your environment. We believe that rigorous risk planning is the foundation of any profitable and sustainable business.


Targe has more than 30 years of experience in emergency response management, working with companies in a range of industries located around the globe. We understand your challenges and the attention required to address your specific risks. Our team of experts will accompany you, providing advice and support in all your projects involving significant industrial hazards. We have also developed a flexible and tailor-made consultation service. Our specialties are risk analyses and audits, as well as fire safety plans, emergency response plans, rescue plans for confined spaces and working at heights, specific response plans, and environmental emergency plans.

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