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JG Summit Holdings, Inc. is a conglomerate based in the Philippines. JG Summit Olefins Corporation was founded so that JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation would no longer have to import ethylene and propylene, two raw materials used in the production of EVALENE®. Construction of a naphtha cracker plant increased production to 320 KTA of PE resin and 190 KTA of PP resin. These changes had to meet new compliance standards so the facilities could safely handle larger quantities of naphtha. Targe was hired to assess and improve the effectiveness of the facility’s safety systems and prevention measures, upgrade the skills of the teams in charge of health, safety, and environmental protection, and adapt material resources to the new production parameters. As it turned out, the material resources were insufficient and were not adapted to the new risks involved. Targe implemented industry-recognized NFPA standards compliant with local requirements, optimized pump systems, developed a training program, and monitored the facility for three years to ensure standards were being met.

  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Implementation of a training program
  • Prevention measures
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Tactical surveillance team


  • Increased production and product handling capacity
  • Significantly improved infrastructure protection
  • Corrected potentially fatal deficiencies
  • Significantly improved response time and quality
  • Continuous improvements in reporting and corrective measures
  • All EVALENE® products comply with FDA Philippines requirements for PE and PP resins, and are Halal certified
  • JG Summit promotes our audits to improve its brand image

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