Risk management: LABATT


Since its founding in 1847, Labatt has been driven by brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where it operates. By continually finding innovative ways to enhance the consumer experience with its brands, Labatt evolved from a single small brewery in London, Ontario, to become an internationally renowned brewer. Targe was hired by Labatt to manage fire risks by developing a prevention plan and mitigation measures in case of incident. Targe has a tactical team on-site to protect against fires and respond in emergency situations. To round out the risk management plan, Targe also conducted custom training courses at Labatt and continues to monitor employees’ skills.

  • Fire risk management
  • Hazardous materials risk management
  • Implementation of an industrial emergency response program
  • Annual certification, skills maintenance and acquisition
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety standards


  • Reduced risks for the brand
  • Improved environmental protection performance
  • Improved emergency response
  • Annual certification, skills maintenance and acquisition
  • Reduced risk of fire

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