Private training programs

Our private training programs

Targe provides private training programs held on your company’s premises. Our flexible approach allows every business to access training content that is tailored to their needs. Our expert team supports our training operations, so that you will get high-quality content that meets the latest industrial standards. Access custom training courses, with content that addresses your hazards, your equipment, your procedures, and your teams. The Targe team travels across Quebec and internationally to render our services.


Prevent Accidents

When you obtain a certificate of compliance and apply our recommendations, you will be sure to meet the concept of due diligence addressed in Bill C-21.

Increase Productivity in Your Teams

Insurance companies recommend our services to their customers! Submitting a full risk analysis along with a prevention and mitigation plan can lower your insurance premiums.

Ensure Compliance

Ultimately, certification serves to protect your assets in the event of an incident. Ensure your sustainability and minimize losses in the face of an accident, with proven rescue plans.

More than just a course

Targe is also a Fire Academy. Since 1979, we have offered a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) in fire safety and we have trained thousands of firefighters across the province. We created the Targe division to help industries with advanced training and management needs, when it comes to major industrial hazards: fire, dangerous goods, confined spaces, working at heights, first aid, etc. Targe brings you hands-on experience combined with unprecedented theoretical know-how.

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