Our mission is to help companies achieve excellence in industrial risk management

Targe is a world-class preferred partner specialized in protecting lives, property, and the environment. We’re always ready to step in to help you guard against the risks inherent in your organization’s activities.

Our history

We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality services that comply with the highest international standards. Our 360-degree approach is rooted in innovation, thoroughness, and the exceptional quality of our multidisciplinary team. At Targe, we strongly believe that proper risk management is the foundation of a profitable, sustainable business.

Targe has been in risk management for over 20 years, working primarily in the industrial sector. We first opened for business under the name Académie des pompiers division industrielle, primarily serving the lumber and oil and gas industries. Before long the jobs started getting bigger and required more advanced expertise and special training. In response, we diversified our operations, developing a comprehensive range of training, outsourcing, and expert services. In 2010, we made our first foray into international markets and established the CERM training centre (Canadian Emergency and Risk Management) in the Philippines to serve Southeast Asia.

Over the years, we have built an industry-leading reputation through outstanding leadership, multiple accreditations, and a unique and innovative perspective on safety. We’ve attracted a top notch team of experts to work on major projects and contribute to the development of the organization. Targe is Quebec’s leading private provider of risk management services, with numerous interventions and assessments conducted around the world.

Our values


Listen to others, share ideas, and be open to different cultures.


Maintain internal and external relationships built on trust and honesty.


Intégrer les meilleures pratiques en santé et sécurité au travail dans notre entreprise et chez nos clients.


Demonstrate leadership and a sense of responsibility, and be professional and disciplined in our work.


Keep ahead of technological advances, strive for excellence, and continually improve practices.

What sets us apart

Our permanent multidisciplinary team

Our expertise and international projects

Our certification program and accountability in our work

Our lines of business

Wood and paper
Manufacturing and processing

Improve Your Protection, Manage Your Hazards

Targe professionalizes risk management in high-hazard industrial settings, protecting what matters most. Find out how developing an emergency response plan can create value for your business.

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