Risk Management : GENTILLY-2, HYDRO QUÉBEC


Hydro-Québec has been generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity for over half a century, and is a world leader in the field of hydroelectricity. The utility’s Gentilly-2 nuclear facility was shut down on December 28, 2012, because it no longer met Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) standards. The main issues identified were the training program, implementation of emergency measures, and non-compliance with health and safety regulations for working at heights. Hydro-Québec hired Targe to create a training program, integrate a team of qualified responders, and develop drills and realistic emergency simulations. Thanks to Targe’s involvement, Hydro-Québec was able to meet CNSC standards and resume its operations.

  • Risk management
  • Outsourcing of qualified workers
  • Working at heights supervision
  • Implementation of a training program
  • Training and emergency simulation plan
  • Expertise approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)


  • Compliance permit issued, penalties suspended, and operating permit retained
  • Significantly increased operational efficiency, worker safety, and operator motivation
  • Decommissioning license issued for progressive shutdown of operations and eventual dismantling
  • Significantly improved response time and quality
  • Situation involving imminent risk of serious injury resolved, thereby avoiding financial penalties and potential lawsuits

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