Saudi Aramco

Risk management: SAUDI ARAMCO

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It owns nearly all of the Kingdom’s oil resources and is the largest oil company in the world, both in terms of production and reserves under management. Targe was brought in to address issues related to hazardous materials management, chemical product identification, product labeling, chemical safety training, brigade member qualification, transportation compliance, and emergency response. Targe conducted a strategic audit of chemical product management at six of Saudi Aramco’s largest refineries. Targe then integrated a training program and a technological solution to standardize the way chemical products are identified, in compliance with international requirements. Targe also oversaw installation of a compliant hazardous material containment system and adapted working methods for optimal safety.

  • Risk management
  • Compliance with international requirements
  • Audit
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Implementation of a containment system
  • Training program


  • Drastically reduced risks of chemical incompatibility and/or improper handling
  • Drastically reduced risks of environmental contamination
  • Enhanced corporate environmental image
  • Improved the health and safety of employees
  • Improved the safety of vehicles transporting chemical products
  • Facilitated internationalization and social acceptance

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