Make sure your confined space management program is compliant

Make sure your confined space management program is compliant

The best advice for managing your confined space program

Procedures for entering closed spaces, lifesaving techniques, required equipment, and training provided for responders are all regulated by CSA Z1006. The company is required to have a management plan for each confined space, including a rescue plan to reach the worker in the enclosed space in less than three minutes. Targe is your partner in safety throughout every step of your confined space management program.

  • Confined space analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Lockout card

  • Confined space entry permit

  • Special process permits

  • Rescue plan development

  • Testing and approval of rescue plans

  • Equipment and training inspection and recommendations

  • Ensure the safety of workers entering confined spaces
  • Educate your employees about the dangers associated with confined spaces and prevent accidents
  • Establish procedures to follow when working in confined spaces
  • Establish an effective rescue plan in the event of an incident
  • Coordinate the necessary resources (human and material) associated with the management of your confined spaces
  • Give control to managers in order to create a proactive prevention environment and facilitate sound management of the risks associated with confined spaces
  • Guide managers through the steps for managing confined spaces (from analysis to rescue plan testing)
  • Propose effective on-the-ground response methods
  • Build a file that covers all aspects of confined space management
  • Provide customized training services that complement your risk management program

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