Make sure your fire safety plan is compliant and effective

Make sure your fire safety plan is compliant and effective

Fire safety affects everyone

Small, medium, and large companies must comply with laws and standards, have a proven fire safety plan, and carry out an evacuation drill at least once a year. Targe is your partner in safety and will be by your side for every step of your project.

  • Risk analysis
  • Production of specific response plans
  • Production of fire safety plan (FSP)
  • Production of emergency measures plan (EMP)
  • Production of wall-mounted evacuation plans
  • Environmental emergency plan (EEP)
  • Evacuation exercises

What is a fire safety plan?

The FSP is a detailed document that covers all aspects of fire safety for a building or given location. It also includes a reference manual specifying the security measures to be followed in order to prevent different emergency situations, as well as how to react to them.

  • Ensure occupant safety;
  • Improve response to emergency situations;
  • Promote the identification and elimination of fire risks;
  • Coordinate company and fire department resources, if any;
  • Reduce the potential impact of a fire on the company’s operations (injuries, property loss, civil responsibility, etc.);
  • Establish the procedures to be followed in the event of an incident.
  • Guide and support the building’s owner or manager to minimize the time and expenditure required to implement a fire safety plan.
  • Work in partnership with your municipality’s fire department to ensure the plan’s compliance, relative to the applicable regulations.
  • Establish sound security equipment management practices, thereby facilitating risk management in order to effectively reduce and control it.
  • Create a building safety management file to increase system and staff performance.
  • Give control to managers in order to create a proactive prevention environment.

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