Duration: 8h

Who is this training for?

At the end of this training, participants will be able to secure tools, machines, and processes in compliance with health and safety rules. This training is based on: RSST 188.3 and 188.5 to 188.13, CSTC 2.20.3 to 2.20.12 and 2.20.14, and CSA Z460.

All workers who are required to interpret and apply hazardous energy control measures.
There are no prerequisites for this training.


By the end of this training, the candidate will be able to extinguish an incipient fire using a portable fire extinguisher. This training is based on NFPA 600, NFPA 1081, NFPA 10, and Académie des pompiers standards.


  • Applying the Health and Safety rules related to energy sources
  • Becoming familiar with lockout regulations
  • Identifying hazardous situations
  • Understanding the risks related to tools, machines, and processes
  • Assessing lockout documentation
  • Applying the instructions from lockout documentation
  • Running a lockout and an energy control program


  • Legal framework and definitions
  • Identifying and controlling hazards
  • Handling lockout equipment
  • Managing miscellaneous systems, documentation, and forms


One 25-question written exam and an assessment of working knowledge required to run a lockout and an energy control program. The required passing grade is 80%. A supplemental exam is available.

* This training is only available in french

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Standards, laws, and references

  • RSST 188.3 et 188.5 à 188.13
  • CSTC 2.20.3 et 2.20.5 à 2.20.12 et 2.20.14
  • CSA Z460

All participants who have successfully completed the training will receive a certificate of competency.

Our certifications are recognized by the following:

  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • MELS
  • Transport Canada
  • SAAQ
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)