Portable Fire Extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Duration: 4h

Who is this training for?

The portable extinguishers training course is for all company employees. It is intended to provide organizations with a first line of defence in the event of a fire.


By the end of this training, the candidate will be able to extinguish an incipient fire using a portable fire extinguisher. This training is based on NFPA 600, NFPA 1081, NFPA 10, and Académie des pompiers standards.


  • Applying occupational health and safety rules when using a fire extinguisher
  • Understanding the development stages of a fire
  • Understanding extinguishing methods
  • Understanding how a portable fire extinguisher works
  • Understanding portable fire extinguisher classifications
  • Proficiency with the steps required to extinguish an incipient fire
  • Extinguishing an incipient fire


  • Fire chemistry
  • Extinction methods
  • The different classes of fire
  • Handling portable extinguishers


Written exam and practical tests. The required passing grade is 80%. A supplemental exam is available.

* This training is only available in french

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Standards, laws, and references

  • NFPA 600
  • NFPA 1081
  • NFPA 10
  • Académie des Pompiers

All participants who have successfully completed the training will receive a certificate of competency.

Our certifications are recognized by the following:

  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • MELS
  • Transport Canada
  • SAAQ
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)